The Certified Sweatsaver – Elliot Sloan-60 sec

Triple Eight Helmet Fit Guide

The Certified Sweatsaver – Triple 8

Cabo Classic – Victoria Skimboards

This Is Why – 3CS Outerwear

‘THIS IS WHY’ from 3CS Outerwear on Vimeo.

Jacob Mackay laps – Follow

Follow Season 6 preview

Follow Season 6 preview from FollowMeNow on Vimeo.

2015 Ronix Koal Wakesurf Boards

2015 Ronix Carbon Wakesurf Boards

Ronix Brainframe

PRIME WAKE MOVIE – Lake Ronix Park – Full Part

Ronix Teaser 2015

Ride along with Parks Bonifay and the gang

Parks and the boys head to Portobelo to explore the historic ruins on the Caribbean coast. After spending a day scouting some tow-in surfing locations, the crew finds the perfect bay to session out their Tropical Wakecation!



3CS Outerwear Has Arrived


Born and bred from the Aussie Snowy Mountains back in 2002, 3CS is now 12 years strong and still spreading its good word globally.From the demanding weather conditions in Australasia, to the gruelling elements in Whistler’s backcountry. 3CS has built its reputation on the back of superior quality and reliable durability.

“Our goal from the outset 12 years ago has always been to create the most innovative technical stylish and purposeful products that exceed both our and our customer’s expectations from day 1 to 100.”

With 3CS you’ll be warm and dry all day, everyday no matter what the conditions.

“We are damn proud of what we make and the way in which we make it; you can feel the shred love in every 3CS product. We want to share what we make with you, because you are a part of it”.

Enjoy being part of the 3CS Collective and thanks for your support.

Stay Strong for Brad




With a brawny powerful physique and a soft, humble personality Brad Smeele made the trek from his homeland of New Zealand to Orlando right when we started Ronix to pursue his dream of being a pro wakeboarder.
Without any sponsors to back him, he never wavered from his commitment to make a name for himself.
Calling it a night on peoples couches, he changed his address as often as he needed a back up board – with his 215 pound physique he has never been the kindest rider to his products while landing from a double up.
One of the first riders to land a 1080, he built and landed the biggest step up kicker from 2 waterways in its time, some decent contest results, but he still wasn’t able to catapult himself as being regarded as one of the elite riders.
Always on call to help at a moments notice for his sponsors, even though his sponsors did very little for him in return (including us) but he was never even slightly discouraged of his dream.
Seasons went by without that big break, he would go back home each fall with a new hobble or a fresh x ray on his shoulder.
How could somebody take this type of mental and physical strain year after year without having industry supporting him on a bigger level?
Thru the winter months of the 2012/2013 offseason, Brad was calling from New Zealand with updates on his rehabilitation – but we”ll be honest we didn’t even take his calls.
Between the passing of our leader Herb O’Brien, and the purchase of our new training and R&D center Lake Ronix we didn’t give Brad his just due time or respect
In the spring of 2013 he flew back to Orlando with a freshly repaired body, a couple of bucks in his wallet, but most importantly the same strong willed mindset of making his mark.
He jumped off the plane, called his mates (mostly other Ronix riders), and asked what they are up to and if he could crash on their couch.
Of course the riders said yes to the place to stay, but thru him for a curveball when they replied come meet us at Lake Ronix.
Brad had no idea what that even was, and he did something we will never forget.
He got directions, drove out there, and he instantly had a vision.
Telling the other riders he will be back in a bit, he spends most of the money he had on lumber runs.
He comes back with his truck filled with 2 X 4’s, a saw, and wood screws.
Brad starts pounding out picnic tables, benches, fire pits, and the first rails the lake had ever seen.
Some of the other riders called our office and told us the story.
With our tail behind our legs, we humbly called a rider that we have never paid, barely marketed, and in return has been one of the most loyal, devoted riders we have ever known.
After a intro of run ons of apologies for not calling him back, and appreciations for what he was doing – his reply was “If there is a fight worth fighting for I’ll fight for it, and Ronix has always been worth fighting for”.
How do you even reply to that? A level of generosity and devotion you just don’t see.
It was like something straight out of a action movie, where the superhero saves the world and has the perfectly scripted quote to the leading lady.
From that point on there was no dispute who the leader of our training grounds, R&D center and in many ways our company had become. 
We got him a construction site trailer, and with no running water or power, parked on one of the beaches that he built, this is where for the past year Brad has called home.
His vision became infectious, and suddenly the whole team was motivated to follow his example converting banks into wall rides, and open water into massive kickers and down ramps. 
This May, Brad completed the most progressive lineup of features our sport has seen, and so began the media blitz.
Wether it has been filming for a big upcoming movie, shooting for our new brochure and website, or just putting on a demo for some VIP dealers swinging by, Brad has made it clear that he is more than just the foreman of a lake and it’s build out.
He’s innovated more new tricks (yet to be published) than anybody else on our team, or arguably anybody in our sport.
Now finally cashing some checks, videos and other sponsors taking notice, living on a private 210 acre lake oasis, and most importantly to him the ultimate level of respect from his peers.
All of those nights of tossing and turning that would leave most of us to throw in the towel on being a pro rider were finally paying off.
He knew that some of the features they were hitting were gnarly, and needed to be taken with severe precaution and he enrolled himself and Chad Sharpe in a CPR seminar.
Made sure that when filming certain lines that there were riders in all of the right areas, and a SUP board close by in case somebody needed a floating stretcher.
On Sunday July 6th while putting his finishing touches on his soon to be released historic video section Brad had a very traumatic injury.
Because our leader demanded we have a SUP board on sight, wore a Coast Guard Approved Jacket, and have other riders CPR certified Chad Sharpe, and Dean Smith were able to safely get him onto the board and remove any water from his lungs.
Now he is in the doctors and gods hands.
We don’t know every detail, and we would rather have his family publish any updates when it’s time – but what we do know is this…
“If there is a fight worth fighting for we’ll fight for it, and Brad Smeele you are worth fighting for”
He needs our prayers, and his family could use your support.
To make a donation to the recovery one of the best people, leaders, riders we have ever worked with –

The Boardroom product Knowledge evening

The Boardroom in Vancouver recently had the oportunity to learn about all the latest and greatest for Summer 2014 as Ryguy went through the line for the staff. make sure you checks these guys out as they have a great selection of product to meet your wakeboarding and waterski needs.


3CS x Heikki Sorsa x ‘Cooking With Gas’

The Cooking With Gas crew are back! The Finnish trio of Eero Ettala, Lauri Heiskari and Heikki Sorsa return and this time they are starting with all their Street Hammers. Check it out


KnowShow 2014 – IS eyewear

photo 1The 2014/15 edition of the KnowShow was held in Vancouver recently and we were there with all the new styles.

IS Eyewear Team Announcement

After a short absence, I/S EYEWEAR is excited to announce the brand’s founder, Devun Walsh, one of the most influential backcountry freestyle riders of all time, is back!

“So hyped to be back on I/S EYEWEAR! Everything’s new from the ground up but it still feels like home. It’s the perfect fit for me and I look forward to the years to come.” -Devun Walsh

I/S EYEWEAR is also thrilled to welcome another legend in the making, Dustin Craven. Dustin’s skills in the backcountry speak for themselves and we’re pumped to have him on the team.

“Being on a core Canadian company’s roster is exciting. To be on the same team as Kale Stephens and Devun Walsh is pretty all time.” -Dustin Craven

Look for signature goggles from both Devun and Dustin in I/S EYEWEAR’s 2014/15 collection.


Square One Dealer Days at Radar lake

We were recently guests at the mecca of Wakeboarding and waterskiing for the launch of the 2014 Ronix Wake &Radar Skis product lines. Situated on top of a mountain this man made lake is the ideal location for product testing. A huge thanks to everyone at Radar lake for your amazing hospitality. We look forward to a very sucessful 2014 with the great product on display.

Vote Never Summer

After a huge win knocking out Burton in the first round we are up against Nitro Snowboards in round 2 of Snowboardermag’s “Battle of the Brands 2013” Vote for Never Summer.

Vote here or by clicking on the image below.

Elm team edits – Reshuffled – JAKE OLSON-ELM

Elm team edits – Reshuffled – DANNY LARSEN

Elm team edits – Reshuffled – LAURENT-NICOLAS PAQUIN

Battle of the Brands – Never Summer

It’s that time of year again for Snowboarder mag’s Battle of the Brands video contest.
Click on the image below to vote.

Ronix on a Rainy Day

Bricks Boardin from Dustin O'Ferrall on Vimeo.

The New Ronix Code 22

We welcome Elm Headwear to the family.

Flux – First Design

2012 Canadian Cable Championships presented by Rip Curl

2012 Canadian Cable Championships presented by Rip Curl from Jono Boysen on Vimeo.

2012 Rockstar Canadian Wake Championships presented by Nautiques

2012 Rockstar Canadian Wake Championships presented by Nautiques from Jono Boysen on Vimeo.

We are on Facebook

We have jumped on the bandwagon and joined Facebook. Like us to keep in the loop and win great prizes from Ronix.

Ronix Bonus Chapter of Defy

This is a little behind the scenes from Danny Harf’s Fun Project – Defy

Ontario Wake Awards – May 11th

Save the date of Friday May 11th for the 2012 Ontario Wake Awards. This is also a call for submission for the Photo and Video of the Year contest. Check the link for details.

Meridian Distribution at Powder Mountain Cat-boarding

To celebrate employees who had worked at the company for 5+ years, Murray treated them to a day of Cat-boarding at Powder Mountain up by Whistler. We had so many in the 5+ crew that we needed 2 cats for the day. Luckily a few spots were available for a couple of the guys from Endeavor Snowboards(for product testing of course).

For all your powder needs contact

2012 Vancouver International Boat Show

BC place was the host of the new and improved Vancouver International Boat Show. We at Meridian distribution had a booth where we were able to show off the latest and greatest from Both Ronix and Radar. Feedback from people was very positive so we look forward to a great summer this year.

2012 Ronix


2012 Radar

How Never Summer Shredded the Snowboard Industry With Innovation

Jennifer Wang takes a look at Never Summer Industries. To get an indepth look at how Never Summer has become such a success story click HERE

Tracey Canaday runs Never Summer out of a Denver factory.

Flux featured Dealer – The Boardroom


Check out this write up by Flux bindings on there Featured authorized dealer ” The Boardroom” Click on the image or here to see the full writeup.

Endeavor Snowboards Product knowledge Videos

Endeavor Snowboards want you to have an insight into what makes An Endeavor product tick. They have once again outdone themselves with these indepth Product videos for the 2011/12 season.

To view the rest of the lineup click here

Flux launches new website for 2011-12

Flux Bindings have launched a new website for the upcoming 2011/12 season. Stay in the loop on everything Flux including but not limited to product info, Flux events and contests, a weekly updated blog and videos of all your favourite Flux pro riders – Eric Willett, Jake Koia, JP Solberg, Nima Jalali, Scotty Vine and many more. Click on the image above or here to be directed to the new site.

Congratulations Reed Hansen

Ronix Wake skater Reed Hansen has made history with his 5th straight WWA Wakeskate World Title. Hansen makes history as winning the most back-to-back victories in the 18-years of the WWA World’s Competition.

Wake Stock 2011

We at Ronix Canada are proud to be a partner in bringing you this years Wakestock from August 5th-7th. For more info on this great event check out

Radar Ski’s Whitney Wins World Champs

Whitney McClintock of Cambridge, Ont., successfully defended her title in women’s slalom on Saturday at the world water skiing championships.

McClintock, the winner two years ago in Calgary, went around three buoys with her rope length at 10.75 metres for the victory. Nicole Arthur of Britain was second scoring 0 buoys at 10.75 while Regina Jacquess of the U.S., took the bronze scoring 3.5 buoys and 11.75 metres.

“This feels so good after not doing well in the other events this week,” said McClintock, 23. “I really wanted to come home with a gold medal and I was determined to win the slalom today.”

A word with Anthony from VIVO Headwear

Waterski mag have a look at the Radar Strada Ski

Click here or on the image to see what they had to say.

The first annual Hot Dawgs & Hand Plants with Vivo headwear re-cap

The first annual Hot Dawgs & Hand Plants with Vivo headwear went down this past weekend at the one and only Camp of Champions in Whistler BC.

The sun was shining and the Vivo crew were up there in style.


Camp kids flocked over to the Vivo zone to hang with their favourite pro’s Devun Walsh, Kale Stephens, Kevin Griffin and Helen Schettini to get some photos, autographs and some fresh new Vivo swag. Canadian sales manager / grill master Dave Bestwick held the barbeque down with over 100 hot dogs getting taken down over the period of two hours!


The official Vivo hot dog man was spotted roaming the park laying down a few hand plants & a massive backside 7 off the hip for the kids.


The amazing day turned into an even better night with Devun & Kale as guest bartenders at the local Garfinkel’s night club and making sure everybody was having a good time.


A big thanks to Camp of Champions, Garfinkels and all the Vivo staff and friends for an amazing day!

Vivo Headwear Presents The First Annual Hot Dawgs & Hand Plants Contest

Summer Session with Deano

Ronix Rider Dean Smith inviting you to spend some quality time on the water with him.

Devun Walsh- Welcome To The Team

Vivo Headwear is please to announce the signing of Devun Walsh.

CEO Anthony Leffelaar says, “We are very excited to be working closely with
Devun Walsh in all aspects of Vivo Headwear. Devun is by far a legend and
icon in snowboarding to say the least. Growing up watching Walsh ride and
now having him on board our Vivo crew is truly a blessing to the growth of
our company. Devun will now take on a bigger roll within Vivo as a company
co owner – Snow team manager.”

Make sure to watch out for the Devun Walsh collective this coming fall.

MO’ Mondays – Brandon Del Bianco


Van – Vivo

Vivo showing some local love with this take on the Vancouver Canucks old logo.  Email to purchase.



Ronix Pheonix – Killing it

Check out Chad Shapre and Erik Ruck putting the all new Ronix Pheonix through it’s paces.

Dustin O’Ferrall riding the all new Ronix Phoenix Project

Broadcast Wheels Brand Spotlight

CityFest – Saturday May 7th

Vivo Welcome Enrique Lorenzo To The Team

From the streets of Barcelona Spain, Vivo is proud to announce
the signing of Enrique Lorenzo. Skate TM Corey Sheppard says,

“His smooth and stylish skating makes him a perfect fit to our
exclusive roster of athletes. We’re looking forward to working
closely with him on future projects. Vivo’s name runs deep into
the Spanish vocabulary so it makes sense to have a Spanish skater
representing the core of our brand!”

Whistler Telus Festival 2011

The first weekend of the 2011 edition festival has wrapped up. Boards were demoed, Airholes were given away, beverages consumed and noise complaints were commonplace. So all in all the weekend was a huge success.

The 2012 Endeavor lineup

Your helpful experts


Gillian is on top of the World

Gillian made the decision to travel out to Ontario this past week in an effort to capture the Coors Light Pro Open women’s overall series title.  After a rough fall in practice Gillian rode injured throughout the contest and still managed to walk away with second place and enough additional series points to claim the overall title.  Gillian earned points at both Mt Seymour and Sun Peaks prior to the addition of 8 500 points to her already 17 500 for a winning total of 26 000.  Her top finals run included, Backside 3, Frontside 3, a huge Nose-Grab-Air, 50-50 on the down-flat-down rail.

The victory gives Gillian  a 7-day surf trip this coming fall season courtesy of Eldorado Surf Resort in El Salvador.

Vivo Headwear- Japan Fundraiser

If you’ve been following the terrible destruction of the Japanese earthquake/tsunami and want to do something to help, come join us on April 19th along with Vivo Headwear artist Kai Sky Walker to raise some money!

Click here for more details

Gillian Andrewshenko on the podium, again!

Congratulations to Endeavor Snowboard’s and Flux Binding’s Gillian Andrewshenko who took first place at the Sun Peak’s  “You Look Good Rider’s Cup” event. Gillian is killing it this year as she sits on top of the overall standings.

Brandon Del Bianco signs with IS Eyewear and Vivo

Welcome to the family Brandon.

Airhole Blog

Stay in touch with what the Airhole crew are upto by checking out

Ronix riders Ontario

Team riders Andy Malinovick and Christian Primrose throw down at Sarnia cable park and the Toronto Boatshow.

Boarder Pass Demo from Slightly Human on Vimeo.

The One and Only OG Kale Stephens

Check out this remix from 8mile of Endeavor, Airhole and IS eyewear rider Kale Stephens.

Transworld Business sits down with Vivo Headwear Founder Anthony Leffelaar

Click here to see what makes this brand the impressive up and comer that it is.

First Look Flux Bindings – 2012 – Board Insiders

Big White Demo Days 2011

A big thank you to everybody that made the Big white demo days such a huge success this year. Bigwhite put on a great event that they should be proud of. The feedback has been nothing but positive for the new lines of Endeavor and Flux.  A high five must be given to mother nature for coming to the party and providing fresh pow to the occasion. Are you wanting to try Endeavor, Flux or any of our other brands? Stay tuned as we will be at a demo event near you.

Endeavor Snowboards: 2011/12 Q & A with Max Jenke

Transworld Business recently had the opportunity to sit down with Endeavor Snowboards Managing Director Max Jenke, Check out the full interview here.

Vivo’s Helen Schettini

Corey Sheppard – Artist File

Make sure you pick up a copy of the latest Snowboard Canada Magazine to check out an exclusive artist file on Vivo’s Creative Director Corey Sheppard.

An insight into Endeavor and vivo ripper Kevin Griffin


2011 Ronix Team Shoot

Freaky Friday’s Connor Getzlaff Footage Extravaganza

Broadcast am ruler Connor Getzlaff pretty much knows how to ride a skateboard like a mighty defender. He skated yesterday, he is probably skating right now as you read this, and he will be skating tomorrow. That’s why we like Connor and that’s why we present this little video edit for your viewing displeasure. Click here for a bonus Typical Culture video of the squad terrorizing the Pala park. Footage and video editing courtesy of Troy Sanders, Cameron Sanchez, Bryan Skandunas, Taylor Orman, Matt Wybenga, Tyler Morris, and Typical Culture.

Broadcast Wheels: Connor Getzlaff Skooter Edit from Broadcast Wheels on Vimeo.

Pala Skatepark Montage from TYPICAL CULTURE on Vimeo.

Broadcast Wheels welcome Kris Foley

Kris Foley

Broadcast Wheels would like to Introduce Canadian native Kris Foley to the team. Check it out here

Sneak Peek: Ronix Relik Wakeboard Bindings 2011

2011 Ronix Relik Bindings. Photo courtesy of TransWORLD Wakeboarding

TransWorld WAKEBOARDING’s 2010 Wake Awards

Congratulations to Reed Hansen for winning best Wakeskater for the second year in a row.

Reed Hansen

The Parks Bonifay documentary was also a winner taking top prize in the best video category.

Parks Bonifay and AVE celebrating best video

Happy Hour with Endeavor and Airhole

Endeavor And Airhole have just released new websites so as a way of getting the word out they hosted a little gathering at their offices in Gastown, Vancouver. This was perfect timing as it coincided with the knowShow being in Vancouver enabling a good turnout of industry heads and heavy hitting shreds.

The new sites were in full view

Noodle box and a few refreshing beverages while being shown around the new sites

Check out the new websites here : ,

A big high five for Ronix team rider Dean Smith – 2010 Rockstar WWA Wakeboard World Champion

Check out his winning run below

Danny Harf’s BROstock 1080

Danny Harf Brostock 1080 from JoBot on Vimeo.

Vivo adds Wade Desarmo to the team!

“Vivo headwear welcomes Wade Desarmo to the team. With the recent signing of Canadians top skaters Mark Appleyard, Spencer Hamilton, Paul Trep and Grant Patterson they now have a full force of heavy hitters rocking the Vivo goods. Vivo headwear is rider driven, rider owned and artist inspired, so I am sure you will spot Wade rolling around in a signature cap. Rumour has it they are dropping a new website along with there very own TV show in July. We even heard the likes of Ronnie Creager on their roster!” -Vivo Headwear

Wade Desarmo

The RESTLESS Teaser. A film by Jakob Preischl. Some Flux shreds are in.

Restless Teaser 2010 from 21INCH on Vimeo.

Torgeir Berre Joins Endeavor Snowboard Team

Endeavor Snowboards has signed Torgeir Berre, a 22 year old from Elverum, Norway. Berre has turned heads with his street rail prowess but describes himself as an “all rounder” of snowboarding…. Read More

8Mile Life’s “Moose with Hat” teaser is HERE!

Moose With Hat Teaser from 8MILELIFE on Vimeo.

Push Wheel’s Island demo tour

Check the flyer to see when they’ll be in your town! push wheel co

Push Wheels Hits Squamish

Click here for the article

Justin Parenteau, push wheels, back smith, rob trendiak

Erik Ruck joins the Ronix Team

Welcome Ruck from Chad Sharpe on Vimeo.


On a spring day outside of Twin Lakes Wisconsin (pronounced Wiscaaaaauuuuunsin) in the early 80’s was born a dude. A dude with a love for jamming 60’s inspired music and all aspects of riding a wakeboard. Erik Ruck decided to live out his dream, and as a teenager with no sponsors or guarantees made the trek down to Florida to pursue his vision. Over the years he would go on to take his nonchalant approach to wakeboarding in different directions.

With a smooth, technical style unique to his own, he was crowned the World Champion of wakeboarding, Pro Tour champion, and a member of the most influential group of freeriders – Pointless.

During the days of filming for the ground breaking Pointless movie – “Incomplete” Ruck became teammates and best friends with Parks, Danny and Chad. In the summer of 06’ those 3 riders left Ruck’s team to start their own wakeboard company. They still sessioned with Ruck on a regular basis all the while building up their new brand – Ronix wakeboards. Now Parks, Danny and Chad have signed him to a lifetime handshake agreement with Ronix.

Look for some nose pressing, all terrain shredding devices designed and collaborated between Erik Ruck and Pat Panakos in the summer of 2011. In the meantime to learn more on why Ruck is Ronix check out our latest video at Ronix TV.

Endeavor + 8mile = Winter Tour


Oh shitchyeah

Welcome to the revamped Meridian website. We are stoked to be live on the interweb, and bringing you the latest info about our brands, team riders, and all other things awesome. Share with your friends, give us feedback, and come back to visit us for updated info from Meridian.