After a short absence, I/S EYEWEAR is excited to announce the brand’s founder, Devun Walsh, one of the most influential backcountry freestyle riders of all time, is back!

“So hyped to be back on I/S EYEWEAR! Everything’s new from the ground up but it still feels like home. It’s the perfect fit for me and I look forward to the years to come.” -Devun Walsh

I/S EYEWEAR is also thrilled to welcome another legend in the making, Dustin Craven. Dustin’s skills in the backcountry speak for themselves and we’re pumped to have him on the team.

“Being on a core Canadian company’s roster is exciting. To be on the same team as Kale Stephens and Devun Walsh is pretty all time.” -Dustin Craven

Look for signature goggles from both Devun and Dustin in I/S EYEWEAR’s 2014/15 collection.