• 1 THE B.O.D.

    * Premium Directional Freestyle For All Conditions.
    * Extremely fast Sintered 7500 base
    * Aggressive sidecut for quick turns
    * 10 Tip-To-Tail Carbon Stringers for “POP”
    * Stance centered on contact points
    * 26” maximum stance width
    * Poplar Tip-To-Tail Wood Core
  • 2

    Endeavor is proud to work with the most innovative artists in the world.

    Hailing from the United Kingdom to South Africa to our hometown of Vancouver, our crew is on the cutting edge of the art scene.
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    The Diamond snowboard is every girl’s dream board and best friend. It is the ultimate board tailored for females in terms of function, performance and style.

    Whether you slash in powder, rock in pipe, go big in the park or just love to ride, this board will rule any mountain.

    Designed in Canada Since 2002. Allow us to Reintroduce Ourselves. Eight Years Making the Best Snowboards In the World by Snowboarders with over 58 Years in the Game.

    * Matte Black Soft Touch Finish w/ Gloss Black Accents
    * Mid High Back
    * Toe Strap offers multi positions to wear them over the toes or on top of the toes.
    * Asymmetrical High Backs for extra tweaks and heal edge control

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BeaverWax was created in Oakville, Ontario, Canada, in a local candle factory. Later moving to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, the founders understood the process and future developments of snow wax and wanted to create a wax that was more environmentally sustainable without compromising performance.

An innovative wax containing environmentally friendly additives and the unique hand poured manufacturing process that’s done in small amounts, ensures that each bar of wax stays consistent with the right amount of additives.

Today, award winning BeaverWax is regarded as one of the finest qualities of wax on the market. It has set new standards for the recreational wax industry and continue to improve the quality for its environmental sustainability.

Along with its waxes, BeaverWax has added an assortment of accessories and is very excited to be developing "new to market" products for the snowboard industry.

All waxes are made and poured in Canada.