• 1 Vivo knows your everyday fit fromstreet to snow.

    We work with our heavy hitting team to bring you what the riders want. Vivo embodies the past, epitomizes the present and lives to develop the future.
  • 2 DOE.

    The Doe features a soft angora regular-size fit from street to snow.

    White Egyptian silk lining featuring bird flu artwork.

Vivo logo


After a successful first year, Vivo headwear’s artistic team has taken steps to bring you their exclusive Spring/Summer collection. This skate inspired collection is focused on unique designs with a boutique approach and versatility in mind. Vivo headwear is rider driven, rider owned and artist inspired.

Anthony Leffelaar CEO and Corey Sheppard Creative director know what the riders want with 35 years joint experience as professional riders.

Vivo is from the Spanish vocabulary and stands for I LIVE… enough said..

Skate team: Mark Appleyard, Corey Sheppard, Spencer Hamilton, Grant Patterson, Paul Trep, Wade Desarmo

Snow team: Kale Stephens, Marie France Roy, Andrew Geeves, Markku Koski, Tadashi Fuse